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tv   A Shifting Culture  Al Jazeera  February 27, 2018 9:55am-9:59am +03

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hello israel we see some decent cloud shapes over iran around the caspian sea but listen very obvious cold front here and either that could well be to produce some decent thunderstorms as it runs east out of iran and eventually to pakistan but the focus by day is it's falling apart so a bit of snow still to come maybe the top and beyond that then it's all clear and back towards iraq northern syria the still rain here and this rain likely in eastern turkey snow and some height looks breezy to seventeen degrees in beirut as an example but it won't stay even that relatively settled the day after the clouds starting to sicken again what's come out of syria iraq moving across iran to a few shows seem likely there significant development happening in western turkey but it's quiet and down in beirut and it's warmed up in baghdad but look at the box bottom end of what's happening here we've had rain recently and significant
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thunderstorms in amman in saudi arabia and in qatar there's more rain forecast in qatar bahrain for tuesday twenty two degrees for wife austria a decent amount of rain in the ground that's a few millerites for this part of the world it looks quieter here the day after but the cloud hence maybe a significant rain if you're lucky for the u.a.e. .
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